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Welcome to Broad Financial, a leading custodian of enhanced retirement platforms. Broad gives you the tools you need to take a more active role in managing your retirement investments. Our team has developed industry-leading Self Directed IRA & Solo 401(k) products that allow you to invest outside of traditional Wall Street stocks & mutual funds, and yet still remain within the IRS definition of an approved retirement account.

Imagine being able to invest directly in real estate, local businesses, or precious metals, all while enjoying the IRS tax savings associated with a qualified retirement plan. From self-employed individuals to small business owners to those who simply want total investment flexibility, Broad has an investment platform that will fit your unique needs.


Self Directed IRA

Broad's Checkbook IRA gives investors the power of Real Time Investing without the constant fees. Take charge of your retirement and put it in assets you know and understand.

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Self Employed 401(k)

Broad's Solo 401(k) combines the tax savings of a 401(k) with the flexibility of alternative assets. Get into real estate, precious metals, or take your own business further.

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Service you can trust

Broad earns its A+ rating with each and every client. Find out why our industry leading customer service makes the difference between a good experience and a great one.

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Broad Financial's Self Directed IRA or Solo 401(k) puts you in firm control of your retirement.


The Ultimate Self Directed IRA

Find out how self-direction and Checkbook Control can take your IRA to the next level.

The Ultimate Solo 401(k)

If you're self-employed, you can now get a premium retirement platform.

The Ultimate Real Estate IRA

Find out how to incorporate real estate in your retirement portfolio.




In the spirit of the day, here are the 10 funniest money jokes in the history of the world. (That little factoid has been corroborated by the International Association for the Preservation of Historical Financial Humor.) These one-liners are all modern day reincarnations of jokes that seem to have had dramatic counterparts throughout recorded history. Apparently money, and the way people react to it, never changes. (For those interested in the ancient Sumarian versions, just drop me a line.)   (P.S. We will refrain from “Wall Street” being a generic punch line to every conceivable attempt at financial... + Read More

3 Truths for the Proactive Investor from the World of Weather Forecasting   A recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Ben Eisen highlighted ten things that a person may not know about weather forecasting. This article was obviously easy pickings for the writer. The average joe around town knows more about the now inexplicably famous sport of curling than he does about how it rains. Being one of those ignorant ones, I slid my stone in (that was a curling reference, thank you very much) to get educated. As it turned out, the lessons learned seem to be equally ubiquitous in the retirement business... + Read More

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency that functions in the same way as standard currency. You can buy goods and services with it, and accept it as payment in kind. It is stored in a digital wallet which comes in the form of a program or mobile app.   How does Bitcoin work? If you want to learn more about the technical aspects of Bitcoin, here’s a helpful guide from the main Bitcoin website.   How does a retirement account invest in Bitcoin? There are two ways a retirement account can invest in Bitcoin: by purchasing Bitcoin directly through an exchange or by investing in a fund (e.g... + Read More


"Thank you for all the help you provided in setting up my IRA LLC. You saved me more time and heartburn than I could ever define. I really appreciate the way you stuck with this and your communications with me were second to none. Just know that I was impressed with your focus on my situation and your assistance was invaluable."

- Lloyd Snyder (Atlanta, Georgia)

“The process of setting up my Solo 401k with Broad Financial was simple and efficient. I feel confident that going with Broad Financial was the right decision. I look forward to using Broad Financial again. Thanks"

- Nick Palmer (Bozeman, Montana)


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