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Here at Broad, we've found that there are a number of popular topics that our clients often ask about. These usually range the span from informative to how-to to rules and regulations. We've decided to dedicate this section specifically to these questions so that you can get the information you need in an easily accessible format. If you have suggestions for other topics we could cover in this forum, please don't hesitate to contact us at 800.395.5200. 

Young worker considering self directed IRA for retirementHow do I set up a Self Directed IRA?

How does a Self Directed IRA work?


Real estate as an asset of a real estate IRA

What are the Self Directed IRA rules and regulations?

Can I buy real estate with my IRA?


Gold coins that can be held personally in a gold IRACan I personally hold the gold that was purchased by my IRA?

Self Directed IRA Custodian v. Checkbook Control


Self employed business woman contemplating the Solo 401(k)What is a Solo 401(k)?

Can I Rollover my IRA into a Solo 401(k)?


What can I do for the property owned by my IRA?

What are the IRS rules and regulations for a self directed IRA?


Does a Self Directed IRA protect assets from bankruptcy?               

Can I place Bitcoin in my IRA?



Do you have a specific self-directed question? Find out more in our Education Center. If you have a general retirement question, maybe one of the following articles can help you find an answer.


Glasses and text explaining IRAs in a simple mannerIRAs Made Simple

Coin Collecting Resources


Retirement and 401(k) resourcesRetirement and 401(K) Resources

A Kid's Guide to Understanding Money


Young couple with a simple retirement planPlanning for Life After Retirement

Financial Literacy


Educational materials for financial educationFinancial Terms For Dummies

Using a 401(k) to Plan for Your Future

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