With the Ultimate Alternative IRA, you retirement funds can finally break free!

The Ultimate Alternative IRA is another name for Broad’s self-directed IRA with Checkbook Control. It’s alternative because it allows investors to invest in alternative assets. It’s Ultimate because investors can place those investments with a degree of freedom never before possible.

With an Alternative IRA, you access a new level of control.

The Ultimate Alternative IRA works with a platform that offers the killer app of Checkbook Control. When you call Broad, we’ll establish a LLC for your IRA. With that LLC, you will then be able to open up a checking account at your favorite bank. Take your new checkbook and start investing! The where, what, when, and how of investing are now fully under your control.

With an Alternative IRA, you access freedom from fees.

Standard IRAs are saddled with fees from a number of different directions: managerial, asset-based, transaction, operational, and a host of others specific to the holding institution. With an Alternative IRA, all of these fees disappear. The feature of Checkbook Control makes you the manager fully in charge of all transactions, and preempts any charges that could accrue from others fulfilling those duties. The Ultimate Alternative IRA has a one-time set-up fee, and a low set annual holding fee. That means that no matter how much you invest, or how many transactions you effect, you will never have to pay for the privilege.

With an Alternative IRA, you can access alternative assets.

You don’t have to be stuck on the Wall Street roller coaster. With your Alternative IRA, you will be able to diversify your retirement funds in ways that you never thought possible. Invest in assets such as real estate, private business, gold, or personal loans. If you can write a check for it, then chances are good that you can put it in your Alternative IRA.

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