"I wanted a "real" company, one that would provide personal service, not an Internet based "LegalZoom"-like company. What I can tell you is that Broad Financial is  a "real" company, doing real business in the Northeast. When I call, I talk to a human being, a knowledgeable one too! They are not a pire Internet company ...I also wanted a company that was committed to maintaining my plan, not just in business for a quick hit one time fee. I have been with the company for about one year, and I just received my first update package. It contains multiple IRS required amendments, with very clear, simple instructions on what to do with the amendments. Count me as a very satisfied customer, I have no regrets. I would recommend Broad Financial highly."
Donald J. - Gainesville, FL

"... I also want to thank you for your help in setting this up.  We are in the process of finally making our retirement money work for us after 12 years of it lying dormant.  We are both filled with a renewed sense of purpose with the belief that we actually ARE going to be able to retire AND keep the lights on at the same time.  I know that this kind of control of retirement funds would not work for everyone.  It takes a great deal of discipline.  But for us it is perfect and I only wish I had known about it 12 years ago."
Wendy P. - Los Banos, CA

"Your effort, and the team's effort demonstrate a high priority of customer satisfaction. You, Avi and Broad Financial are helping me achieve my retirement l goals. I realize you have gone beyond the usual expectations soley for my benefit and my complete satisfaction of having elected Broad Financial. YOU ARE GREAT!!"
Nancy Hau - Minneapolis, Minnesota
"Very pleased so far with the service I have gotten from Broad.  Looked into the competition and was not impressed.  Broad has given me fast, polite, courteous, knowledgeable, respectful and professional service, with a high apparent level of job enjoyment at EVERY turn throughout the process. I WILL be recommending Broad to anyone interested in self-directed retirement accounts."
Aaron Jayne - Carlsbad, California
"Just got your package by UPS.  I can't believe how easy Broad Financial makes the process. I am very impressed with all aspects of the service provided by you and the quality of the product.  I am going to recommend you to all my friends. Thanks again."
Kevin Maldonado - Windham, New York
“Thank you for all the help you provided in setting up my IRA LLC. You saved me more time and heartburn than I could ever define. I really appreciate the way you stuck with this and your communications with me were second to none. Just know that I was impressed with your focus on my situation and your assistance was invaluable.”
Lloyd Snyder – Atlanta, Georgia
“The process of setting up my Solo 401k with Broad Financial was simple and efficient. I feel confident that going with Broad Financial was the right decision. I look forward to using Broad Financial again. Thank you!”
Nick Palmer – Bozeman, Montana
“I just wanted to provide you with some feedback about the Solo 401k that you set up for me. I really love the plan and all the control it provides me. Using the checking account I set up here at my local bank in Gilbert, Arizona, I can make many alternative investments in actual real estate properties quickly and seamlessly. Thanks again for all your help in getting me set up with this great investment tool and for the ongoing support you have provided.”
Tirdad Zarookian – Gilbert, Arizona
“I just wanted to tell you that all of my dealings with Broad Financial have been an absolute pleasure. Your staff helped me roll-over my 401k to a Self Directed IRA, providing me with checkbook control. I’m now able to control my retirement account without having to deal with a custodian, an incredible convenience. Your staff was very knowledgeable and helped me every step of the way. Upgrading to the Ultimate IRA was the greatest thing I could’ve done for my retirement. Thanks again.”
Jeffrey Unger – Clifton, New Jersey
“Of all the people I interviewed to set up my self-directed IRA, Broad Financial had the most knowledge and the least expensive fees. I have been quite satisfied with the result, as my property acquisition through my IRA funds completed with no issues. I highly recommend their services.”
Elisabeth Schwartz – Englewood, New Jersey
“I’ve been searching around for quite a while looking to upgrade my mother’s IRA. I no longer wanted to deal with a Custodian, and I was looking to better diversify her retirement funds. I’m so glad I found you. Your knowledge and experience in upgrading retirement accounts is like no other. You set me up with a your Ultimate IRA, and I now have checkbook control to invest in a real estate project that I’ve had my eye on for a while.”
Jacob Engel – Monsey, New York
“Broad Financial made setting up my Ultimate IRA simple and easy. They were very responsive in answering any questions that I had and held my hand the entire way. I can now invest in lending notes with the retirement tax advantages of an IRA. Thanks Broad Financial!”
Tym Blanchard – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“After reviewing 3-4 other companies with similar products, we found Broad Financial to be the best informed about the Solo 401K vehicle. They were thorough, professional, and actually the lowest price option we found.
David Palmer – Brooklyn, New York
“This is way too easy!!! I will let everyone I know about this!! Thanks so much!”
Jean Brown – Lewisville, Texas
"We could not be happier with the service we received from you and everyone at Broad Financial. The new IRA and LLC were formed and up and running in approximately 2 weeks. It was easy and we were reassured every step of the way. Our Lawyer reviewed your information and told us that you were definitely the correct choice because of your knowledge and experience. Thanks so much for your help." 
Bill & Kate Plettner – West Barnstable, Massachusetts
"Gary Wenger and his team at Broad Financial was the only self-directed checkbook-controlled IRA firm that could make my tight deadline. They were extremely professional and Gary followed up with me often to make sure each milestone was met on time. I couldn't be more pleased and would recommend them to anyone looking to take control of their retirement investments. 
Bruce Lodge – Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
"Just a quick note to say thank you for helping us set-up an Ultimate IRA. Our experience with Broad Financial was very pleasant, your staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, and I would recommend Broad Financial to anyone looking to setup a self directed IRA." 
Zhicheng Tang – Sunnyvale, California
"I just wanted to say thank you for upgrading my IRA to the Ultimate IRA, and for making the entire process seamless and painless. It's a pleasure to work with people who really care, and take the time necessary to follow through on all of the details. I am glad that I chose to work with Broad Financial." 
David Farber – Monsey, New York
"I did a considerable amount of research and comparison of other companies before selecting Broad Financial. It paid off because I was more than thrilled with your service and guidance. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help setting up an Ultimate IRA. It is very refreshing to work with a company that is knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. I would recommend Broad Financial to anyone looking to setup a self directed IRA. It's an easy process when you get the right help".
John Chun – West Harrison, New York
“Dealing with Broad Financial has been a truly enjoyable experience. The concept of a real estate IRA is fairly new, and your team has done all the leg work to make it easy for an investor to take control of their IRA. I plan on making more money in the next year than I did in the last 10 years that my retirement funds were invested in mutual funds.”
Larry Rathjen - Conway, Arkansas
“Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for setting up my new IRA LLC. Initially I was a little skeptical using a firm to do this that was not based in Illinois, but you quickly eliminated my concern. You were extremely efficient, and I was impressed with how easy you made the process flow from start to finish. I lost count of how many follow up phone calls you made to me just to be sure everything was OK…now that is impressive customer service! I would recommend Broad Financial without reservation.”
Van Jackson - Seneca, Illinois
“I just want to express my sincere appreciation for the customer service that I received from Broad Financial. As a professional salesman, customer service is very important and a deal breaker for me. You guys clearly understand this concept. Everything that you said you would do... you did! Unfortunately, now-a-days, this is not always the case. It is refreshing to know that people from Broad Financial live by the old axiom...a man's word is his bond. Thank you!”
Ronald Crawford – Detroit, Michigan
"Thought we'd take the time to let you know how much we appreciate the services you folks provide in reference to establishing the Solo 401k Plan/Trust. The turn-key service your firm provides is a real relief, taking all the guess work out of it and doing so at a rate that we believe is much less than advertised competitors! But the real bonus was the follow up that you showed when assisting us in explaining to our bank, who'd only been familiar with self directed IRA's, how to handle a solo 401k trust. Truth be known, I think you really did the bank the biggest favor, as I believe they now see a way around the buzz kill of custodian fees, for some of their self employed clients who wish to enter into world market instruments, but were previously hesitant because of those yearly custodian fees charged by financial trustee firms. Although we are new to the world of solo 401k's, it's a great peace of mind to have control over the funds and to be assured that for a small yearly fee that the trust will remain compliant with the tax code. Thanks again for all your help.  Best regards from the heart of the country and the great show-me state.”
John & Jeanette Gillespie - Kansas City, Missouri
"Broad Financial made setting up my Solo 401k so easy. They handled all the details. I had a ton of questions and they were very quick to respond with answers. They even talked to my bank when setting up my checkbook account. I would recommend them to anyone interested of taking control of their retirement account".
Rob Sturm - Johns Island, SC
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