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Our Experts Are Available 10AM-6PM ET Mon-Thu, 10AM-4PM Fri
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Alternative Investments

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At Broad we empower people to place their retirement funds in investments they understand. However, we don’t offer them specific investment advice. This policy is good for a number of reasons.

  1. Chances are you have a special familiarity and knowledge with the investment asset that you’re looking to place in your IRA. You understand it, you’re excited about it, and you know how to handle it. We encourage you to take that knowledge and run.
  2. Offering investment advice is a specialized field unto itself. Certified Financial Planners and Certified Public Accountants have dedicated themselves to providing sound financial advice to their clients. We encourage you to take advantage of your local financial experts.
  3. At Broad we want to focus solely on our core business which is providing the best self-directed platform out there. Providing investment advice would distract us from that objective, as well as setup a possible conflict of interest.

With all that being said, it can be advantageous to hear what other people are doing with their self-directed funds. Our Client Profiles provide a real world view of how people are practically using the Broad platform. If you would to like learn more about a specific asset, here are some of the trends that we’ve seen as a self-directed provider.

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Find out more about Private Business
Find out more about Tax Liens

The Stonefield Tax Lien Fund offers qualified investors the chance to participate in an established fund that deals solely with high quality tax liens. To find out more please click here, or call Broad at 800.395.5200.

Additionally, investors who would like to continue to make stocks and other market products part of their self-directed portfolio may definitely do so. Please click here for more information.

Author: Ben Michaels

Custodial or Checkbook Control Plan: Which is Best for You? We Offer Both.

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