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Alternative Investments: How the Average Investor Can Diversify and Grow His Portfolio

You can’t control what happens halfway around the world. Greece. China. Earthquakes. You also don’t get a say about when the feds will hike interest rates. Most of what you get lately is a front row seat to watch the wild swings in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. So the question remains: If you [...]

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When is the Right Time to Rollover to a Gold IRA?

A Gold IRA is an individual retirement account that holds its value in physical gold bullion or coins. These accounts are sometimes referred to as Precious Metals IRAs, because silver, platinum, and other precious metals can also be added as investments. Since gold is the most commonly purchased metal, “Gold IRA” is an umbrella term [...]

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When Should You Consider Investing Your 401(k) into a Gold 401(k)?

A Gold 401(k) is a retirement savings account that allows you to invest your retirement funds in gold and other precious metals. Gold and precious metals are one of many types of alternative investments available through self-directed 401(k)s. A self-directed 401(k), or Solo 401(k), is a retirement platform that allows you to diversify your investments [...]

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Renovating a Property with a Self Directed IRA

So you’re buying a property with your Self Directed IRA. Once you get past the deal making, the paperwork of purchase, and the tedious talking to attorneys that is almost inevitable[1], then you get to place your paws on the property itself. Obviously you’re not going to be living there, (thank you very much Prohibited [...]

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Are You Smarter Than a Snuggie?

One of the lesser utilized capacities of a self directed IRA is the ability to put your (obviously) amazing ideas into action. Although it’s true that most self directed investors go the real estate route, there are a number who engage their entrepreneurial spirit and finance a business with their retirement funds. Just as easily, [...]

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Tap Your Retirement Fund Without Incurring a Penalty

Maybe it’s just a sign of the times, but in recent years we’ve seen a spate of articles dealing with early withdrawals from retirement plans. People are out of work, expenses are going up, and few people still have rainy day funds that they can tap. In general it seems that the proverbial ends have [...]

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Five Killer Mistakes that New Real Estate Investors Make

Last time we spoke about the kind of property that a novice real estate investor might want to purchase for his/her retirement fund. A conservative rental, single or multi-family, was offered as a good option because of the cash flow that it generates. However, not all rental properties are created equal. Here are 5 common [...]

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Real Estate for the Little Guy #2 – Practical Considerations

A few weeks ago we looked at the case of Rachel: a successful nurse who had $200k in her 401(k) and wants to get into real estate. Rachel had no previous real estate experience and wanted to jump right away into big commercial deals. We explained in Part 1 why that would not be a [...]

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3 Investors Who Should Stay Away From Self Directed IRAs

Self directed IRAs certainly have a number of advantages over standard retirement plans. They give you unlimited access to various asset classes, do away with a ton of retirement-crushing fees, and allow you to take a break from the topsy turvy roller coaster known as the stock market. That being said, there are still a [...]

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