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Contact our Self-Directed Experts. (800) 395-5200 or Schedule A Call

Contact our Self-Directed Experts.
(800) 395-5200 or Schedule A Call

Contact our Self-Directed Experts. Schedule A Call or Leave A Message

Contact our Self-Directed Experts.
Schedule A Call or Leave a Message

Real Estate Investing

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Bring On The Next Recession

By Brian Boisier If you’re like me, you were getting fed up with logging in to your IRA or 401(k) online portal to find that you’ve actually had a -1% loss over the last month. Or worse, not even having the heart to log in and check balances after reading headlines such as these in [...]

10 Ways To Find Investment Properties

If you really want the best deals in investment properties, you have to increase your odds by finding more deals. Who is more likely to get a cheap apartment building, an investor that looks through the MLS listings and calls it a day, or the one that uses multiple resources? Here are ten that [...]

2018-08-28T13:19:05-04:00 August 28th, 2018|How To, Real Estate Investing|

10 Tips for Successful Real Estate Property Investment

 Even when it seems real estate prices hit a temporary ceiling in many countries around the world, that doesn’t mean profits from property investments are hard to come by.Even during a real estate market slowdown, stagnation or depression profits can be made locally and overseas.  Today we give you the top ten tips that real [...]

2018-08-22T11:51:48-04:00 August 22nd, 2018|Commercial Real Estate, How To, Real Estate Investing|

$100,000+ Tax-Sheltered Revenue in a Year: Real People, Real Stories

By Jeff Astor Welcome to this week's "Real Estate Retirement Investing: Real People, Real Stories."  Today, we take a look at John from the Southeast US: First, John Purchased a Self-Directed IRA with Broad Financial. About a year after purchasing the plan, John called to tell me how thrilled he was and that he had a friend [...]

2018-08-16T16:33:55-04:00 August 16th, 2018|Real Estate Investing, Real People, Real Stories|

Tips for Successful Wholesaling of Real Estate

Wholesaling is one way to invest in real estate if you don’t have a lot of money and want to avoid the risks involved in house flipping. You can earn a solid return on a real estate investment without actually owning the property. Wholesaling involves specific strategies, knowledge of the market and optimum timing. [...]

2018-08-14T13:04:46-04:00 August 13th, 2018|How To, Real Estate Investing|

How to Retire Early with Real Estate Investments

With growing uncertainty about the future of Social Security and young adults concerned about having enough money for retirement, real estate can be the key not only to help you retire comfortably but also early. Many people start off with a single rental property, catch the real estate bug, accumulate more properties and end up [...]

2018-08-17T15:36:06-04:00 July 30th, 2018|Commercial Real Estate, How To, Real Estate Investing|

3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Using Your IRA for Real Estate Investing

With the erratic nature of returns in standard stock market investments, American workers have started moving to platforms that provide them with more asset choices. One of these platforms - the Self-Directed IRA -  has received quite a bit of publicity lately, largely due to the cryptocurrency craze. For the average investor, however, a more [...]

2018-08-15T14:16:28-04:00 July 23rd, 2018|How To, Real Estate Investing|

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