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Contact our Self-Directed Experts.
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Executive Profiles

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E. Brian Finkelstein PARTNER

Mr. Finkelstein comes to Broad Financial with over twenty-five years of experience in global financial markets. Previously he served as President and CEO of Helix Financial Systems, a subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald, where he managed the development of systems successfully marketed and sold to major financial institutions. Before that he was the Managing Director of Global Finance Operations at UBS. While there he developed the global repo and money market business at UBS into one of the strongest financing operations on Wall Street.

Mr. Finkelstein’s astute decisive leadership has become renowned for its outstanding bottom line results and team building professionalism.

Mervyn Klein PARTNER

Mervyn Klein has built a career on goal-oriented entrepreneurship and financially responsible business models. His first venture saw the founding of the Read Group in the early 1990’s, and its subsequent success as one of the premier flooring distributors in the NY Metro area. The Read Group was notable for its innovative product line, including Flotex, Endura, and Mapei. With the success of Read, these brands quickly established themselves as industry standards in the NY market.

Mr. Klein’s next venture was the founding of LMS Realty. While there he was responsible for the development of many industrial spaces, including the transformation of the historic American Can Factory into a thriving hub for the creative arts. Mr. Klein moved on as a principal in Hudson Development LLC, where he developed major commercial ventures such as the Anheuser-Busch New York Distribution Facility and Prada’s North American Distribution Center.

Mr. Klein has also acted in a consulting capacity under the banner of MK Read and Company. Specializing as a technological business consultant, he brought together tech savvy startups with industrial leaders like Lucent-Bell Labs. Mr. Klein has subsequently brought his entrepreneurial drive to the partnership at Broad Financial. With equal measures of innovative platforming and effective operational structuring, he has helped Broad achieve the highest consumer ratings in the emerging self directed retirement market.

Daniel Gleich PARTNER

Daniel Gleich’s entrepreneurial career began in his freshman year of high school. It was an early spring afternoon when, as a young 14 year old, he took a trip to the local county clerk’s office. There he filed his inaugural business certificate, and in the process founded DPG Enterprises. DPG’s initial venture was Creditline, a company that helped consumers repair their credit ratings and get started with new credit lines. Subsequently, during his college years, he was instrumental in the formation of Time Equipment Corporation, a time and attendance business. He streamlined the operations at TEC and established a roadmap for future growth. This led to TEC’s successful positioning in the industry, and it is known today as one of the premier time and attendance companies in the New York metro area.

Upon graduation Mr. Gleich served as Managing Director at R.B. Miller & Associates, a broadly focused real estate group where his client list included names like the Museum of Modern Art and the McKesson Corporation. In 1997, Mr. Gleich began his long standing partnership with Mervyn Klein and founded Hudson Development LLC, a company specializing in commercial & industrial real estate. While there he led operations in developing large scale projects like the 400,000 sf College Point Graphic Communications Center, Prada USA’s 175,000 sf headquarters and distribution center, and numerous other industrial and commercial developments.

The Gleich-Klein partnership continued with the founding of the financial services company Broad Financial. Mr. Gleich’s operational capabilities and grounded management principles have catapulted Broad Financial from functioning as a young upstart to its current status as one of the top three players in the self-directed industry.

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