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Most Americans don’t know about Self-Directed IRAs (SD IRAs), and those who do, generally underestimate their potential for wealth-building and diversification. With 10,000s of clients in all 50 states and a stellar reputation for customer support, Broad Financial is an industry leader in SD IRAs, offering IRS-compliant plans for almost a decade.
Welcome to the safe and easy platform that thousands of Americans use for self directed investing. Isn't it time for amazing client support?
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The Broad Financial Advantage

1. Investing Made Easy

We understand that a Self Directed IRA is a new venture for most people. Because of that we have established a process that makes it simple to open your account and invest in the asset of your choice. We take pride in helping you invest successfully.

2. Industry Leading Experience

Broad's platforms were created in consultation with top ERISA attorneys and our client support team has years of experience in facilitating your investing goals. If you know where you want to go, Broad can help you get there.

3. Free Lifetime Support

As with any investing process, you're going to have questions along the way. Broad offers free lifetime support to assure the financial wellbeing and safety of your retirement accounts.

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Trusted by over 15,000 clients
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"I have owned my own business for 25 years and have contributed to my IRA annually. A few years ago I had an opportunity to buy an investment property, but it was in disrepair and not mortgageable. I did not have the funds available to purchase it as cash, but I did have the money saved in my IRA. I did some research online and found Broad Financial; it seemed like a good fit for what we wanted to do. Through the guidance of Broad Financial and our accountant, we switched our IRA that was somewhat stagnant to a self-directed IRA and purchased our first investment property. That property was so successful, that my wife did the same thing and now we own two. The amount of money that our self-directed IRAs make is significantly more than when it was sitting and we actually have two houses to show for it now. We would highly recommend anyone that has an opportunity to buy real estate, but may not have the funds available, to consider contacting Broad Financial and their accountant to discuss options. We are very happy with our decisions and our children will benefit as well."

Dave & Lorraine
Clients Since 2013

"Three to four years ago we moved our self directed IRA from Equity Trust to Broad Financial because it appeared that it would be easier to conduct business while at the same time have a safe and secure trust custodian. It has been a very positive experience and our accounts have grown substantially. I have also referred several people to Broad Financial through introductions to Noah and he is very quick to follow up and provide professional advice. I am definitely a fan of Broad Financial!!"

Client Since 2016

"I am a Real Estate Broker/Salesman and in our industry it is difficult to start a retirement program that is truly beneficial long term. I wanted to have a retirement vehicle that would provide me with the opportunity to invest in what I know best, Real Estate, I was able to achieve this with the Solo 401K program that is offered by Broad Financial. It is flexible and I can take advantage of a real estate opportunity when it presents itself by writing a check. The technical assistance has always been there when I have a question and they keep my plan updated on a yearly basis. I have recommended Broad Financial to several of my colleagues in real estate and several of them have initiated a Solo 401K as a result. I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity Broad Financial has provided through this program."

Client Since 2013

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