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Broad Financial was originally founded in October 2004 as a private real estate firm focusing on the development of residential, retail, and industrial real estate along the East Coast. Then in January 2009, our focus experienced a paradigm shift. The catalyst for that shift came in the form of a simple question.


When our partners invested their IRAs, they followed the well-trodden path to invest exclusively in Wall Street products, i.e. stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

How come they didn’t know about that before?

Because for years they had been ingrained with the notion that IRAs are limited to those types of investments.

Who told them so?

When Broad Financial tried to diversify its IRAs into the world of real estate and other non-Wall Street investments, the answer from brokerage firms came back in the negative.

What caused them to turn to Self Direction?

The status quo continued until the market crashed in October 2008 and the standard IRA lost nearly 40% of its value. At that point Broad Financial became determined to regain control of the IRA platform, divest it from Wall Street, and allow investments in those areas experiencing positive earnings. In January 2009, the company established the system for upgrading an IRA into the self-directed format, and this blossomed into the complete self-directed platform that Broad offers today through its self directed team.

With this historical perspective, it’s easy to understand why the Ultimate Self Directed IRA and Solo 401(k) has the “killer app” that you’re looking for in a self-directed retirement plan. The feature of Checkbook Control provides incredible investment speed, agility, and choice of assets.

  • To provide your retirement account with a proper level of diversification, Checkbook Control allows you to move away from Wall Street. A self-directed IRA or Solo 401k with Checkbook Control can invest in real estate, private business, or just about any other asset.
  • To provide you with speed, Checkbook Control allows your IRA or Solo 401k to place investments by just writing a check. No lengthy authorization periods or finicky paperwork.
  • To provide you with economy, Checkbook Control gets rid all of the transaction and asset based fees. Your retirement account can invest like a professional without the professional fees.
  • The history of retirement investing has seen its share of ups and downs. But now the power is in your hands. With a self-directed IRA or Solo 401k you are finally in charge of your own prosperity.