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Contact our Self-Directed Experts.
Schedule A Call or Leave a Message

Keep-in-Mind Content: 6/21 – 6/27

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Welcome to Keep-in-Mind content! We scoured the Internet for useful pieces of news and information that could potentially help you toward your next great investment. It all can start with one tip or point in the right direction, so every week we gather a few links that we think could be of interest to you.

Fame and Fortune…1 Company

Chinese blockchain services provider VeChain has officially partnered with Walmart China to track food deliveries through its supply chain. The Walmart China Blockchain Traceability Platform (WCBTP) will be a joint venture by Walmart China, VeChain, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and others.

This exciting new announcement, coming on the heels of Facebook’s launch of their own crypto, further shows the gradual acceptance of crypto technology into the mainstream. It is certainly reasonable to expect further developments with utilizing crypto technology both within Walmart and from other companies as the general public becomes more and more comfortable with the concepts.

Walmart China Will Track Food in Supply Chain with Vechain’s Thor Blockchain

Additionally, the Reddit comments under the initial release of this partnership are a worthy read. One user even provided a link to an actual delivery that was tracked through the WCBTP!


Wal-Mart Block Chain Food Traceability

The Imitation Game

Continuing with our theme of China-related crypto news, the next article dives into the spark that Chinese participation in digital assets could provide to the overall market. China may find that being a passive spectator of the digital economic revolution would put them at a disadvantage, so the creation of their own cryptocurrency with their own rules is looking more and more likely.

This would in turn help the outlooks of BTC, ETH, and the rest due to the magnitude that a Chinese stamp of approval gives the entire crypto movement. Remember, imitation is the purest form of flattery, and Chinese involvement in the crypto world can easily result in a flattering boost to your investments.

China Could Be The Next Catalyst For Bitcoin, ETH, And XRP

The Best Advice is…Great Advice

“How-To’s” on real estate investing can be found all over the Internet. Most of the information is either commonplace, oft-repeated, unreliable, or covered with the scent of a scam. Below, however, is an article that takes a different approach to giving advice on real estate success.

Contained within are uncommon-but-intelligent gems such as advocating for building relationships, making simple strategies with small goals, and assembling a team of local professionals that can all play a role in making everyone money. By deviating from the usual tips that revolve around making, or not making, a specific type of investment (which the article also does), you can learn some very important lessons in how to mold yourself into a complete investor. Instead of simply throwing your money at something you read was smart, you can establish a strong base of knowledge and support that will eventually lead you to find an investment that you know is a home-run.

There are no short-cuts to real estate riches, but the following article can help you efficiently work toward becoming the optimal investor:

How to invest in real estate to build long-term wealth

2019-06-27T13:37:29-04:00 June 27th, 2019|Cryptocurrency, Current Headlines, How To, Real Estate Investing|

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