Checkbook IRA Information and Resources

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A Checkbook IRA is essentially a self-directed IRA with the added feature of Checkbook Control, which allows you to invest your retirement funds by simply writing a check—no waiting for the custodian, no paperwork, and no transaction fees.

Checkbook Control is a powerful feature that puts your retirement savings back in your hands, but it is still fairly unfamiliar to many investors and advisors. Below, you will find the information you need to correct common misunderstandings and fill in the blanks so you can decide for yourself if a Checkbook IRA is right for your retirement account. If you still have questions, our account specialists are happy to answer them when you call us at (800) 395-5200.

Checkbook IRA Educational Articles

The Advantages of Checkbook Control

Checkbook Control puts you in direct control of your IRA investments. With Checkbook Control, you can invest directly into a variety of asset categories.

A History of Checkbook Control

Checkbook Control has undergone numerous changes since its inception in 1974.  From ERISA to IRAs, follow the timeline of the self-directed IRA and Checkbook Control.

The Truth About Checkbook IRAs

Checkbook IRAs Truth #1—IRS Approval

There are many myths surrounding Checkbook IRAs. The most prevalent is the idea that the IRS does not approve of Checkbook Control, and even considers it a scam. False! Learn the truth.

Checkbook IRAs Truth #2—Retirement Risk

Another popular Checkbook IRA myth is that it’s too risky for the average person to take on a Checkbook IRA.  Get the facts. You may be surprised!

Checkbook IRAs Truth #3—False Guarantees

Some like to tell investors that the companies that facilitate the Checkbook IRA platform are unsure of the product and its legitimacy. Discover the reasons we stand by our product with 100% confidence.

Checkbook IRAs Truth #4 – Continuing Legal Support

We’re busting the myths around Checkbooks IRAs! Learn more about IRA legal support, and understand the misconceptions around Checkbook IRAs.

Checkbook IRAs Truth #5—Facilitators and Regulatory Oversight

Yet another popular misconception about Checkbook IRAs is that they don’t have the same level of oversight and security as standard IRA platforms. Read why this is simply untrue.

Checkbook IRAs Truth #6—Business Taxes

Some investors mistakenly believe that a Checkbook IRA is subject to more taxes than a traditional model, and that those taxes outweigh the financial benefits of self-direction. Get the truth about taxes in a Checkbook IRA.

Checkbook IRAs Truth #7—Checkbook IRA vs. Custodians: Time Savings

The time-saving benefit of a Checkbook IRA is a huge advantage to many busy investors, but opponents sometimes argue that the feature is over-emphasized and misleading. Learn about the time commitments for both Checkbook and Custodian IRAs, and decide for yourself.

Checkbook IRAs Truth #8 – Checkbook IRA vs. Custodians: Saving Money

No one wants to overpay financial management fees. One of the common myths about Checkbook IRAs is that you pay more in fees than with a custodian IRA. Myth or fact? Find out here.

Checkbook IRAs Truth #9 – Auctions

Checkbook IRAs offer some surprising benefits. One is the ease with which you can purchase assets at auction. Another myth about Checkbook IRAs busted here.

Checkbook IRAs Truth #10 – Ease of Changing Platforms

Another common misconception about Checkbook IRAs is that it’s difficult to transfer funds into a custodian model. It’s not hard at all. Learn more.