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Gold IRA Information and Resources

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A gold IRA is a self-directed IRA that is invested in gold, silver, or other precious metals outside of Wall Street mutual funds. Investing your retirement in a gold IRA, rather than a gold or precious metals fund, diversifies your portfolio beyond standard investment models, and allows you to take physical possession of some forms of gold.

Below, you will find information and resources to help you decide if a gold IRA is a good option for your unique situation. If you still have questions, feel free to call one of our account specialists at (800) 395-5200.

Gold IRA Articles

Gold and Precious Metal Regulations

The IRS has specific rules about which coins and other metals may be held as assets, and which are considered collectibles. Learn the current regulations about gold and precious metals as investment options.

Invest in Gold

Gold has long been held in high esteem as a currency and tradable commodity. Learn why investing in gold may be a good option for your retirement plan.

IRC Gold Investment Regulations

IRC code Section 408 (m)(3) sets out the rules for how you can invest in gold as part of your 401(k). A brief summary of this rule can help you understand its potential impact on your investments.

Gold IRA

It may surprise you to learn that gold can be added to your self-directed IRA. This FAQ will help you understand not just how to add gold to your investment portfolio, but why gold may be a smart option for you.

How to Buy Gold in an IRA

You can buy gold and add it to your IRA in much the same way that you can buy stocks. ETPs, or Exchange Traded Products, make adding gold to your IRA a smart way to add this valuable asset to your portfolio.

Coin Collecting Resources

Coin collecting can be a child’s hobby or an adult avocation. There are many ways to collect coins for both fun and profit. This article includes detailed links to obtain more information on coin collecting for pleasure.


How can I buy gold with an IRA?

There are three ways to buy gold in an IRA, based on how the gold is acquired, what fees are charged, and the storage requirements for the gold. Learn about all three and decide which is for you.

Can I personally hold the gold in my Self-Directed IRA?

Investors can take personal possession of the gold in their self-directed IRAs, if that gold meets certain qualifications for U.S. gold coins or bullion. Get the details before you invest.

What types of precious metals can I hold in a self-directed retirement account?

Discover what kinds of precious metals, and in which forms, you can add to a self-directed retirement account, and learn about which you can take personal possession of as well.



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