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  • The Ultimate IRA Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Advantage

    Purchase cryptocurrency within your IRA with no strings attached.
  • The Right Price – At A Flat Rate!

    Bitcoin IRA providers charge outrageous transaction fees (up to 15% of your portfolio!). Broad’s single flat charge takes care of everything – once you are using our platform you can use your IRA for other alternative investments like real estate and physical metals.
  • Hassle Free and Independent Investing

    The Broad platform gets rid of the middle man custodian and lets you invest directly.

Full Flexibility

YOU choose the exchange (or don’t use an exchange at all). YOU hold the key (or use a service provider of your choice). You can even invest your gains in other assets of your choice.


The Best IRA (or Solo 401K) Bitcoin provider out there!

Broad allows Bitcoin investors to take full control of their investing.

Broad Financial, a sister company of Madison Trust Company – a regulated and chartered trust company, is the industry leader for self directed retirement platforms. With our emphasis on client support, a stellar A+ rating from the BBB, and the specialized knowledge to get you going quickly, Broad is the easy choice for self direction.

Features of the “Flat-Rate” IRA:

  The Broad Financial Flat-Rate (IRA LLC) Model Our competitor’s Asset Based Fee Model
What does it cost? $1,395 15% of your purchase (minimum $2,250)
Who holds the key? You do They do
Integrated Custodian Yes Outside custodian partner
Purchase other alternative assets? (Think Real Estate and Private Stock) Purchase virtually any asset with checkbook control. No – only Bitcoin.
Penalty to roll over retirement funds? No No
Can you choose the exchange? Yes! No
Is your investment tax-sheltered? Yes Yes
Roth option? Yes Yes
Solo 401k option for the self employed? Yes! (Speak to us) No

How does it work?

  • Investors can use the Broad Financial platform to invest in ALL crytocurrencies as well as other assets with the same control as a typical bank account.

  • Broad creates, files and provides you with a specialized LLC that serves as the vehicle to invest using your retirement assets. We do everything from A-Z except for opening a typical business bank account.

  • Once your bank account is set up you can invest in Bitcoin the same way you do outside of an IRA – using your own checking account and using your choice of exchange or Bitcoin platform.

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