Solo 401(k)

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  • The Ultimate Solo 401(k)

    • Designed for those with self-employed income
    • No transaction or asset fees
    • Borrow up to $50k from your Solo 401(k)
  • Full Checkbook Control

    • Real time investing with no admin delays
    • Absolute choice of assets
    • No paperwork to place investment
  • The Broad Advantage

    • A BBB
    • Clients in all 50 states with industry leading customer service
    • Full refund within 30 days for any reaso

Why Broad Financial?

Broad Financial is the industry leader for self directed retirement platforms. We offer the only comprehensive service in the country where investors can set up a new Solo 401(k) and its accompanying checking account with just one phone call. This streamlined process is further enhanced by Broad’s emphasis on client support, a stellar A+ rating from the BBB, and the specialized knowledge you need to get going quickly. When it comes to self direction, Broad is the obvious choice.