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Ultimate Gold 401(k) with Checkbook Control

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An Ultimate Gold 401(k) with Checkbook Control is a retirement account designed for self-employed individuals who file a 1099 and who do not have full-time employees.

Is a Gold 401(k) Right For Me?

Broad Financial’s Gold 401(k) is a self-directed Solo 401(k) with Checkbook Control. You are eligible for a Gold 401(k) if:

  • You are self-employed.
  • You file at least some income as a 1099.
  • You do not have full-time employees.
  • You would like to diversify at least part of your retirement portfolio into gold.

Benefits of a Gold 401(k)

Your Gold 401(k) helps you invest in assets of your choice to cover all of your retirement needs. You can maximize your potential for financial growth and safety, and the advantages don’t stop there:

  • Maximum retirement wealth. No custodian means no transaction fees, and rollovers can be done without paying penalties or taxes.
  • Confidence in every market. Paper currency historically loses value, but gold remains a solid, long-term investment option against inflation and stock market volatility.
  • Security in your investments. You can keep gold in your home and choose your own bank to ensure that only you have access to your account.
  • Convenience of control. Enjoy peace of mind in understanding your investments and how they are growing.

Call 800-395-5200 today to find out how you can open your Ultimate Gold 401(k) with Checkbook Control.

What Kind of Gold Can I Hold in my 401(k)?

You can hold a variety of gold assets in your Ultimate Gold 401(k), both bullions and coins. There are two basic requirements for gold bullion:

  1. It must have a fineness level of 0.9950%
  2. It must come from a COMEX- or a NYMEX-approved dealer.

The guidelines for holding gold coins in a retirement account are detailed in section Section 408(m)(3)(A) of the U.S. Tax Code. Most government-manufactured coins, however, are acceptable, including:

  • American Eagles
  • Canadian Maple Leafs
  • Australian Nuggets

Testimonials for Solo 401(k)s

“Broad Financial made setting up my Solo 401(k) so easy. They handled all the details. I had a ton of questions and they were very quick to respond with answers. They even talked to my bank when setting up my checkbook account. I would recommend them to anyone interested of taking control of their retirement account”. — Rob Sturm, Johns Island, SC

“The process of setting up my Solo 401(k) with Broad Financial was simple and efficient. I feel confident that going with Broad Financial was the right decision. I look forward to using Broad Financial again. Thank you!” — Nick Palmer, Bozeman, Montana

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