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Ultimate SD IRA Guide

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Most people have never heard of Self-Directed IRAs (SD IRAs). And those who discover them, can’t believe no one ever told them about them beforehand.

$20 Trillion

Americans have some $20 trillion (yes trillion!) in retirement dollars (IRAs, 401k, etc.) About 95-97% of those dollars are invested in Wall Street, i.e. stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Many people are unhappy with the Market, but don’t know what else to do.

Only a small percent has learned that they can take their retirement dollars out of Wall Street and invest it elsewhere. For instance, they can invest in actual real estate; in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies; in gold and precious metals; in tax liens; in loans and mortgage notes. Some are even investing in Arabian race horses, treasure hunt amusement parks, Hollywood films, etc.

An SD IRA opens an entirely new field that most people in the $20 trillion group have no idea existed.

Why This Book Is Different

The challenge has been explaining this to people. Letting them know that this possibility even exists. And explaining it simply in ways everyone can understand. That’s what this book by Jeff Astor is about. It explains all the basics in plain English. In an hour or so of reading, you will learn 95% or more of the basics about SD IRAs. And the part you don’t know, you’ll know how to find it and/or whom to ask. This book is a breakthrough in that regard. No other book on the subject explains so much so simply so succinctly.

The author has manned the phones at Broad Financial, an industry leader in self-directed plans, daily for five years. He’s been in contact with some 10,000 people during that time, explaining the basics and clarifying even the most complex questions with straightforward answers. Now, he’s distilled his knowledge in one place, in a “quick no-nonsense guide,” breaking down the information into small, bite-size chunks, and even throwing in a little humor.

Read it and learn about something that may change your life in ways you never thought possible.

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Some Of The Things You’ll Learn:

  • Why Are People Self-Directing? You’ll learn about diversifying, rebalancing, hedging against a recession and more.
  • What Can I Invest In? Though real estate is the most common, you can also invest your IRA in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, gold, tax liens, loans, startups, peer-to-peer platforms, exotics and more
  • What Can’t I Invest In? You’ll learn exactly what to stay away from so that you remain clear of any troubles with the IRS
  • Real People, Real Stories One of my favorite chapters because it’s about people like you
  • The 2 Types of SD IRAs: Custodial & Checkbook A key chapter that clearly explains the two fundamentally different self-directed IRA models in the business.
  • Beware of Scams, Fly-By-Nights, Pajama Salesmen & Bad Customer Service Yes, pajama salesmen, other nightmares and how to avoid them all.
  • And much more…

Custodial or Checkbook Control Plan: Which is Best for You? We Offer Both.

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